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Wednesday, 5 August 2020


There are thousands ways in which we can categorize students of the University of Nigeria. but for this post I will be categorizing them by Levels and Outlining some peculiar attributions to each categories.


Freshers can also be referred to as Freshmen, 100Level Students or simply first years. These set of Student ate those who got admission into the University through JAMB (UTME). These set of students are most of the times new to the University Systems are usually seeking directions always especially for the first couple of weeks in the University. There is a usual perception that you can identify a fresher by his or her dressing. Well that might be true to an extent but not necessarily. It is at this level of study that most students make mistake, hence all freshers are usually advised to be very careful during their stay.
Some occasions schedules for Freshers are notably Matriculation, School wide orientation, Departmental Induction. sometimes Inductions by their various religious Groups and ethnic groups. Freshers are Usually required to carry out clearance after admission, and these require extra cost of paperwork and payments. Generally, Freshers have Higher School fees schedule compares to other Levels. Freshers not allowed to contest for leadership positions in UNN.

Returning Students (other Years)

This category is simply those who are neither freshers no Finalists. These set of students are between 200 Level, 300 level, and sometimes 400 or 500L (for 5 and 6years courses).. The School fees for this Level Sets ate usually the same i.e no increase from one level to another in a particular department. These Set are the Ones eligible to run for leadership positions in UNN.


Finalist obviously are those in their Last Lap of Study. Final List is not Peculiar to a particular year as some Course of Study are 4, 5 or six years. Finalists are required to carry out an Undergraduate project. They will also carry out Final year clearance. Their school fees are relatively Low but when combined with their extra running cost of clearance, projects etc. they become high. In some faculties and departments, Finalists are allowed to occupy Leadership positions

External Students

These are set of students that are done with their final exams but are yet to graduate due to some reasons or the other.

Post-graduate Students

These are Students of the university of Nigeria who are degree holders and are pursuing higher certifications like pgd, MSc, Phd

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