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Monday, 4 November 2019


Today in our society there is no doubt, the African community have been now and again seen to be Notoriously religious.  Highlight the word 'Notorious'. We have seen situations where learnerd and we'll educated people,  tend to get in and make sure this claim have no chance for dispute (if you know what I mean).  It really baffles me as a student.  And becomes more disturbing when you see these in the science and engineering areas. Of course not in there philosophy field (I trust them).

Before we step in, let me register this disclaimer : ...i am not against religion, I am a Christian and catholic to the core...  So having said this,  let me walk you through. First, my believe is that there should be limited to everything,  especially sensitive things.  The way students tend to take this religion thing in the school environment is quite alarming. Once its 4pm,  you keep hearing kabashing in every free hall around school. Again,  aside football the next thing that gives up-to 300unread messages in my class whatsapp group is religious arguments. It goes on and on. I published an article in the green engineering magazine in 2016 title: THE ENGINEERING STUDENTS : HIS CONTRIBUTION TO ENGINEERING IN NIGERIA. and I made a statement there "students are the ones to put in their whole strength in Research and discoveries". This of course is why you are in school and not to get over entangled with religion and all what not.

Who religion epp biko? ...i recently saw a picture on twitter comparing two nations,  a hardworking and a praying nation.  Of course you all have seen where and where our religiousness has positioned our dear nation.

...to be continued

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