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Thursday, 24 October 2019


Couple of months back, we had the trending jingle; LAS LAS SCHOOL NA SCAM. Quite funny but honestly, I had no idea it was actually from a music by one of our so called 9ja musician. Recently, I got in a discussion about the labour market with a graduate of computer science. He made a statement, thus; They dont value our certificates here. Again, more often than not, students (Myself Inclusive) tend to focus attention on alternative to making money without depending on their certificates.   These events got me thinking and led to the writing of this piece.

Truth be told the content of your certificate no really epp anybody o, while one of the the top respected lawyers in Nigeria, is a third-class graduate, the richest man in Africa did not get to where he is with the help of certificate.

If you advertise a job in a public space now and use the requirement; first class Honours. You will get a hall full of first class graduate. So how do you execute the selection exercise. What about 2/1 and 2/2 candidates who could not make it there, are they not good enough upstairs?
In the Engineering profession, the question; ‘what can you do' is very important because as engineering is the Application of principle of science, that process of application which is an art requires a level of skills and critical reasoning and not just a 5.0 GP on paper. Hence your intuition coefficient should always approach optimum level at all times. 

We will not neglect the fact that a good grade will fetch a good job but if what is in your head does not complement what is in your certificate, the you will either not be able to move up from your position in the firm or will be totally disregarded, or at worst relieved of your duties. Yes, because you dont have much to offer. By then youll realize that your certificate no epp anybody.

Above all,  let's face the fact o. In Nigeria it's all about who you know. If you posses the best grade and it is complemented with excellent skill,  you still need a referral to get a great Job. Because someone with a lower grade/qualification might even fill that spot before you. This is not our making but it's how we met it.  Therefore face the reality and keep your contacts close. This Is why in our subsequent Nugget,  we will really explore the power of LinkedIn, and how to secure a spot or two out there even before you graduate. Your connections are very important.

People who depend on their certificate to make a breakthrough in the labour market are no doubt Job seeker. And people who make it big in the frontline with their inventions, innovation and creations did not do so with their certificate rather they are simply problem solvers who get aid for their solution.

Stay woke! Only what you have upstairs and the contacts you have can secure your seat at the table.

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