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Saturday, 19 October 2019

JB's NUGGET: Right use of the Social Media Space

Often a time, a good number of young people mismanage the social media atmosphere. It would be too extreme to say that they actually abuse the social space which is actually true for a certain percentage but lets just leave it at the former 'mismanage'.
To get a clearer picture of the whole discuss lets take the social media space as the life of an average individual. An individual has a sports, workout/exercise life, a religious life, a career/work life, a school life, a party life, the list goes on and on. And all these activities have their own separate base of operations and activities carried out, but by the same one individual. You dont go to the office and blast loud music form a huge speaker neither do you go to the church to do jumping jacks, 50 sit us and 70 push-ups. It trickles down even to as little as the different outfits put on to these aforementioned places/activities; they are of course different. 

The social media space has different a sections and platforms and even though the primary aim of the social media in general is to interact or socialize over the internet, users should be mindful to adequately make right use of it. You do not come to Instagram and think that you can post an epistle of 250words of write-ups where we know that the gram is for pictures and videos. If you think you can come to linkedIn to post pictures from last night's party and aftermath hangover, then you must be joking.  Information that is supposed to last over 24hours should most likely not be made on statuses. Even though we have thread on twitter,  traditionally, it's meant for short linked posts. Let's talk about Facebook some other time. The right use of the social media space goes beyond the length of the post, the duration of the video or the personality making use of the platform but it is actually dependent on the understanding of the purpose of the particular space in question. The aim of this post may not be achieved if the reader does understand the various social media platforms and their uses. That is why in further series of this my nugget i will highlight the use of each social media platforms and the opportunities thereof. Before I wrap up, I would say this: some people restrict themselves to certain social media platforms and find opportunities there whereas the opportunity is in excess somewhere on another platform. 

As a student and most especially an engineering student it is important that you explore and become grounded in key useful social media platforms and use them rightly.


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