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Wednesday, 25 September 2019


One thing with Motivational posts is that their use is relative to the reader and his environment.

Some motivational post are not meant for Africans, some are not meant for Nigerians, the socio-political environment in Texas, Oklahoma or carlifornia is different for that in Ajegunle, Emene  or Warri. And you cannot send the same motivational post to Aliko Dangote and Ude Emeka John of Engineeing UNN.

It is safe to say that only you can give yourself motivational post. As you need to consider many factors about yourself before you do.

If another must motivate you, it should not be by post, it should be by the life that person lives. If it must be by Post, then there should be rules as regards that motivation. Rules such as critical study of the post and appropriate consideration of same to suit your personality, your status, your environment, your policies. Afterwards you either implement it, keep it pending or delete it.

UNN Students politics is a big market place where you have this sort. Where office aspirants hide behind motivation, and  litter everywhere with post with the sole aim of not only misinforming young lads, but perpetrating their agender of making themselves seem caring, meanwhile having ulterior Motives.

Next time you see a motivational post, im sure you know what to do, if you dont know, use the coment box, i'll reply you.

Stay Woke.

You are the manager of your life.

Note: this is not a motivational post it is a disclaimer to motivational post.

Post by Anonymus

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