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Saturday, 16 December 2017

A CLEAN SLATE; What should you write?

By: Ude Emeka John (JB)

Often people find themselves in the position where they cannot help but wish they had done things differently. That they had taken the left turn instead of right, said NO instead of YES. It is peculiar to all, I mean everyone. I recently read meaning into that popular saying (or rather, fallacious saying) that Every disappointment is a blessing. Yes, I termed in fallacious because it is one of the approaches people especially in this part of the world take towards consoling themselves, or giving false hope after something bad happens. I beg to differ, because this saying which suggests that bad situations comes because there is something good on the way, is in contrast to a more realistic or rather appropriate saying like, “After the Night comes the morning” or “the sun will come out tomorrow” which depicts the very fact that good things are not dependent on previous bad experiences but naturally both are expected to come at intervals.

Before I digress, these wishes as stated earlier to some, come true, to some others does not. some come true but the person(s) in question does not recognize it, while some other group of persons take the opportunity of another event to make that change they crave for.

We find people going miles away in search of something that is right in their palms, thereby making the whole issue more complicated as it will seem to them like there is no solution or way out of that mess.


One of my very cherished philosophy is that. “One can always start from somewhere”. Believe it or not, most times, it is better to start from the beginning (not always though). The point still remains that there is always an opportunity for redress. Even if it seems there isn’t, one has to create one for himself. In fact, permit me to say that opportunities are not given, they are created and taken by the individual in quest.

A saying goes thus “Once bitten twice shy” another goes” One is a mistake twice is foolishness”. This brings us to WHAT TO WRITE ON A NEW SLATE. Trust me, the first approach for most persons will be to write something totally different from the previous. Some may even decide not to write anything at all (depending on the number of failure in previous writings). Too much failure can be very frustrating, but it is part of the process

But really, what one should think of is not what to write but what not to write. This is because an obstruction or restrain or factor of failure of failure agent in an entirely different situation could still be the same setback in another situation. And so, because of this, one should rather not base 100 percent on what to write but put in an appreciable percentage of what not to write on the drawing table.

This implies that one should do what he always wanted to do and at the same time pay more attention to the causes of his previous failure. This is a simple ideology and is centered on the principle of “Determination”.

It is important to know that one’s failure could be anything, it could be the SLATE, it could be the CHALK for the slate, it could be the PERSON using the chalk to write on the slate, it could even be the TIME at which the person is doing his writings


No matter what the situation is, or the agent of failure is, one should just have it in mind that upon accusation of a new slate, what not no write is more important that what to write. Permit me to add that no one is born great, no amount of failure can be compared to just one feeling or taste of success, this means that the level of happiness of fulfilment in a second will erase and bury 20 or more previous years of failure.

You should know that the phenomenon “darkness”, cannot be defined without explaining “light” because you have to define one in terms of the other as such failure in evitable in the race of success.

Let me get your view on this.

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