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Monday, 11 December 2017


By: UDE EMEKA JOHN Benedict (JB)

Published first in 2016


What resources have you? and which have you made efforts to put in place?

These questions will form the basis of this piece, join me as we journey through.

Everyone is created with talent(s), everyone has a gift. The challenge most individuals in the world or will I say in this part of the world have, is the rouse to utilize these gifts and talent to its greatest maximum. We find ourselves in a society where great potentials die of with young minds, where attainment of great heights is rationalized amongst the elite and layman, rich and the poor. Who is to blame? The governments? The society itself?  Who? We make laudable attempts in all means to apportion blames, sometimes even to God if care is not taken. But the only one and true factor behind this menace is oneself, yourself and myself. You are created with great minds and ideas and yet placed in the most resource-filled habitat of the universe; (The Earth), what else is needed then? Truly you are equipped enough with these alone. When you begin to develop that understanding of being a boss in your own way, feeling that you have a specific role to play in the sustenance of mankind and no one else can play your role, then we can agree that you have commenced your journey to greater heights.

The term “boss”, is one that is used virtually in every works of life, it is generally a term ascribed to the leader, owner or head of a firm, establishment, group, organization etc. For the purpose of this work we will not constrain this view to an establishment, since we are dealing basically with individuals.

You could be a boss in your own way even without establishing a firm or initiating a group. Once you are able to manage and control the resources available to you at a particular time and place, then you are a boss for the reason that, you are in charge of the situation. Then, the resulting output is dependent on your decision and the choices you make, and you are working earnestly to make sure those decision count.

The likes of Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, to mention but a few are self-made bosses, who were not placed in any position either by merit of by appointment whatsoever. They made it to where they are by their own works, they are bosses in their own way. In that, they control resources available to them i.e (in their reach), and mankind is benefiting enormously from them. These folks in their own way are exceptional, consequently there is little or zero percent competition in their line of businesses or business activities. These are individuals who have driven potentials, who have visions, who have set goals.

Everyone is a boss in his own way, just that you have not realized it yet, or for those who do, haven’t taken steps to maximize their boss-ship (smiles).

Take out the ideology of following the normal process of life; High school – University – job – marriage – retirement. There is more to life than these you need to step out to reality. Your life should not just be the way you think naturally it is meant to be, you have to step out. I will reiterate this fact; When you begin to develop that understanding of being a boss in your own way, feeling that you have a specific role to play in the sustenance of mankind and no one else can play your role, then we can agree that you have commenced your journey to greater heights.

What do you have to do? Itemize the available resources to you, what you have, what you can offer. Believe me you, as a person have a hundred and one ability/potentials in you. Discover these things.

After which you capitalize on these by nurturing the potential, making the best of them.

Now that’s the self-part. Next is to step out into the world, pave your way in to the world. This is the dicey part because most people might not buy your idea talk more of sharing in it, but you just have to keep pressing forward, persistence is the key. Next is to stay and work on sustenance of your work in order that it won’t fade off.

Being a boss in your own way is not as challenging as most people take it to be it involves just simple principle which is being able to manage resources available to you. “Management” is the word. Resource here may be from on high (God-given) or those found in our environment in fact if you think about it, oneself as a person is a resource. I will drop my pen on this note “if you have a drive, use it in every which way possible do not dole it out like a miser, spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke”.




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