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Saturday, 12 August 2017


Greetings Mr. Vice Chancellor. I must commend your works in the university for the past four (4) years of your administration. Mr vice chancellor sir, you are working, at least UNN can now boast to be the best university in the country according webometrics recent ranking.
This letter is meant address the issues pertaining to our dear university. Mr vice Chancellor sir, your advent as the  vice chancellor of the school has witnessed many ill-intended issues which you have neglected and in fact added more insults to the injury of Nigerian students. Imagine a federal university that is ill-illuminated , a learning environment where the school generator is on by 7pm and off by 10pm just a span of 3 hours. Imagine how the reading and learning process will be taking place in this kind of environment. Some times the generator is off by some minutes to 10pm while our mates in other Nigerian universities are enjoying steady power supply both from national grid and the federal government powered generators. No wonder
other universities were laughing at your administration when the UNEC campus that houses most sensitive faculties of the university protested for inadequate power and water supply.
My Vice chancellor, I wish to remind you that this noble university is the mother of all universities in Nigeria yet we pay highest school fees among all federal universities . Imagine a year one student of UNN paying approximately #65,000 while new students in other federal universities in the country are paying less. I like using facts, Mr vice chancellor, I wish to tell you that the year one students of FUTO and UNIZIK of 2015/2016 session paid a sum of #25,000 as school fees, even some federal universities year one students paid less than this and their mates in UNN paid #61,450 some faculties even more than. What is the difference between these universities and UNN? Don't even defend it with the provision of WiFi because our school internet facility is in state of quagmire. Imagine where a student will treck from the hostel to PAA and other few places to access the internet that we paid #12,000 for, not even that this WiFi network is strong. There should be a review of our fees by the authority. Imagine paying #500 for Id card every year, Paying for both faculty and departmental dues which are never accounted for in the faculties and departments and which we the students will still go to our various faculties and departments and still make the same payment for the second time why?
I call on all students to check their school fees receipt and see what am seeing. Who is fooling who????
Each day we keep complaining about our politicians who pad budgets while our school fees are padded. I charge every student to take their calculator and check the rundown of the school fees for this just concluded session and you will discover a discord with the calculated sum and the total sum you paid as schools fees. Who is responsible for this? We take advantage of every public office to exploit the poor masses and am sure these paddings is not accounted for.
I call on all lions and lionesses, the SUG of UNN and UNEC, the public and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)to stand up to their feet and protest against these barbaric and evil acts. Let's Say NO to corruption.
Mr vice chancellor if you and the school senate cannot address these issues, then the students and the public will know you to be a corrupt leader. University of Nigeria belongs to the Nation, it should be the cheapest of all federal universities but the reverse is the case. UNN today is the most expensive federal university, where is the hope of common man?? The latest information reaching the students is about your plans to increase the school fees. The students are pleading, the administration is exploiting us and our parents are crying. Have pity on us and consider us oh Mr vice chancellor.
Thank you for reading.

A very concerned Student
UNN GATE © 2017

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