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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


The last couple of days didn't see the happiness of some students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. One could wonder if the so called security men are doing their job or are just lazing around. A more serious and interesting contemplation is how clean and perfect these guys (thieves or students) carry out their operation.
I thought it was just a random story when I woke up last week and heard of four (4) rooms that were robbed, just beneath my Series in CHIZARAM Lodge hilltop. The amazing thing was that there
was no noise and reportedly the locks were gently unlocked I.e no forceful entry of any kind. Another thing was that the four rooms had something in common (They Used Padlocks as their locks). The rogues were reportedly experts in lock picking.
This assumption became verified when my own classmate lamented bitterly just this past weekend of the new laptop which was barely a month old that was robbed of him in his lodge at Odim. He cannot help but still wonder how his padlock wasn't tampered with and everything still intact. This operation was carried our In his lodge on 4 different rooms and of the same nature. Laptops. Phones valuables and money were taken amongst other.
Just this morning I received a text from a friend that another Robbery operation took place at Ajuana in Odim. As at the time of this post the items taken haven't been itemizes .
One Could wonder who these guys are. Fellow students? or something else?. The way and manners in which they perpetrate their doings suggests that they might have even inner informant.
This is Examination period and aside the loss on valuables these students affected are somewhat thrown into psychological unbalance and this could truly affect their performances.
The Student Union Government, the Security squad and the University administration are Herby called upon to step into the current situation on campus.
Students are advised to implore other means of lock other than or in addition to their padlocks, as lock picking is something very easy for these bad guys.

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1 comment:

  1. This is a very sad one. Everyone should be more security conscious


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