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Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Obviously, they felt it, obviously it was not a nice one at all. This is the third shuttle strike in two years. Its just three days and students are already making adjustments. The UNN Gate Crew went around the school yesterday to seek the opinion of students as regards the current development. While some are ready to do more of the trekking, others are of the opinion that they can just manage the jamb-packing, another set have it that the SUG should just come to a compromise as soon as possible, some think SUG should tackle more serious issues and not Shuttle.
here are some of the reports gathered after the interviews

Amarachi (Ama) from Faculty of Agric.
I really appreciate the effort of the SUG president,  nonetheless i think our comfort is the most
important thing here, for me what ever is done should reflect 1 in front and 3 behind. thanks.

Nonso in Faculty of Engineering
SUG should be fighting other more important things in school and leave the shuttle men alone. no body is looking into the rate at which eateries in school charge for a plate of food. Lecturers intimidate Nigerian students, no one to speak for them. we have more pressing issues bro.

Stanley in Faculty of Arts
I do not subscribe to reduction of passengers and at the same time stagnancy of the price, its a give and take , if the number  of students is reduced, the price should top. N60 is not a bad idea. thanks and keep up the good work bro.

Ebun in Faculty of Arts
Since the major problem is the cab i.e the smaller ones, let them be kept on hold for now and let use continue with the buses for now, till lasting solution is proffered.

Uwakima in Faculty of Engineering
I had to run from Ziks flat to Engineering this morning to meet up with an 8:00am class where the lecturer shuts the door 5mins past 8. this is not funny at all, for me i don't care about the price or the number of seaters, let SUG call back the shuttle abeg.

 Group of students in Alvan Ikoku Hostel (Franco)
(Agitating) N50 or noting 4 passengers or Nothing

Chimdi & Gift at Hilltop Junction.
As u can see we have been here for a while waiting for transport to town, the only saving grace is the UN Transroute buses, that are even few. let the SUG act fast
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Meanwhile there have being posts online as regards the issue. One by an anonymous student, and this post have triggered different views and arguments from fellow students. others too have aired their views in one way or the other.


I personally wants to air my view as regards to the current problem among the sug officials and the shuttle drivers. As of 2013/2014 fuel was sold at the rate of 97 niara per litter and now fuel is sold at #150 per liter and the shuttle men are still collecting the same amount that they where collecting before, despite the increment in prices of other commodities And now u r telling them to stop carrying 4 person at the back and 2persons at the front. And u never want them to increase the prise at which they operates, u forgot that this shuttle men have to feed their families, pay their children school fees, repair their vehicles when it breaks down etc. I don't know y u people likes creating unnecessary tensions and inconveniencing people. Dia r mor wok to u pipl Dan attacking d shuttle men. No  body is saying any tin in  increment in our school fees, no body has said NY thing concerning the #500 we pay for late course registration fee etc. Go to malima, chitis, sub, and 11:45 u will observe that they increase the prices of the foods dia r selling there. I don't know what is  so special about this shuttle men u pipl shud be very careful bcuz wat we do in life echoes in eternity. The last time I chk no body is complaining about the no of person the Shuttle men r carrying so y attacking them. U pipl shud no DAT dia more works to do than the shuttle men. Thanks for your understanding. 

However Rotr. Hon. Kizito from Social Science faculty has a very different opinion he writes

I've read with utmost surprise, the views of some students who think the are being "humane" by taking the side of the shuttle drivers in the recent issue between them and the SUG and I would want to share my opinion.

Ekwunife Ifeanyi already pointed out something major which was the fact that before the SUG took the action, they asked the opinion of students and from the few they got, they acted. If you didn't air your views at that time, please just shut up. Your opinion at this point is as useless as the 'p' in pneumonia. This is about what happens every time in UNN. Award nights will come... Call for nominations will come and just a few people will nominate. Then when categories are released, some people will become freedom fighters.

Earlier this year I was in the University of Ibadan. For those who share whatsapp groups with me, y'all will remember I gave an account of my voyage... From my experience in UI, even the #50 we're paying in UNN is too much. I lodged at the Alumni Center (something like our CEC) while in UI and it'll amaze you the neatness of that place. But that's not the issue here... we're talking about transportation not accommodation. From the UI gate, to anywhere in UI, once the shuttle is taking you on drop, it is #120. Like one hundred and twenty naira. Now, if you price well, it is #100 naira. I said drop. Not loading... drop! Like, you'll be the only one the shuttle will carry. This simply means loading 4 persons which is their standard is just gon be about #30.

The shuttle who took me from UI to Bodija collected #400. This distance for shuttle men in UNN will cost nothing less than #1500. Now, it's the same Nigeria, the same fuel price. Let's keep in mind that Nsukka is one of the cheapest places to live in Nigeria. Ibadan cost of living is higher yet they charge lower. And of course, they also have families. And someone thinks he/she is playing hero by supporting shuttle men carrying 6 people as if we're sardines?

Yes! There are a couple of things to be tackled by the SUG but this is just one of them and it is just as important too! If they've chosen to start with it, then let them!

@Joshua Ezeja, you're on the right track and I urge you not to think twice as the path you're on isn't just right but desirable. It's sad enough that some of us won't stay longer to enjoy the dividends of your leadership but, that notwithstanding, we want the best for Nigerian students and you're doing just well!

Rt. Hon. Rotr. Kizito Eze -Odenigbo
MHR 2016
RSH International Service Director, Rotaract Club of UNN.
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 In the same vein another post reads;

The shuttle drivers are trying to prove they are being cheated only because everybody in this citadel of  learning proves their strength on us the students. This happen because we don't know how powerful we the students are.
We have taken enough of this rubbish let's stand firm and push our course. Someday we'll have to beg the shuttle drivers to stop increasing the transport fair If we don't support our SUG government to treat the recent issues with shuttle drivers.

#ilo victor
#eze Kizito

Now tell us what you think about the whole strike issue. use the comment box 

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