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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

MID WEEK SPECIAL >>>Voice your own thought

By John-Benedict

The whole Shuttle saga started on 21/04/17, with the message from the Director of Transport Comr. Kene Anumba, communicating the new / temporary increase in price of the shuttle fare for a particular period of time, owning to the ongoing construction work affecting the route to and from the school, indicating that a different and longer route will be used instead. 

Little did students know that the statement of the DOT was not a unanimous decision of the SUG government, and that it was just his own personal resolution with the shuttle drivers. Thanks to the prompt intervention of the President, Comr. Ezejah Joshua (GCLR) who have in resent times been the most favourite
executive of the union. He came up immediately releasing a statement disengaging the union from the initial statement of the DOT saying that there have and will be no change in price of shuttle price. “Except if the change implies a reduction” he added.

Obviously, the development in the whole matter triggered the union led by the president to even ask for more, as the quite agitation of unjust 6 sitting in a 4seaters cab had more reasons to me voiced out, and was put straight to the shuttle drivers. This led to an intended dialogue meeting of the shuttle drivers union and the SUG government led by the president (Comr. Ezejah Joshua) on 24/04/17. The result of the meeting according to the president was described as shuttle drivers union driving home their own interest over the interest of the students. He said they (shuttle union) blame recession, school administration fuel price and route limitation as a justification of their cruel actions.  Stating that Lions and Lionesses should trek if it’s too costly or uncomfortable, and that students are just a little fraction of passengers they convey.


The UNN Gate crew went to seek the opinion of fellow students, most of them asked that their names should not be published;

A good number of them are in support of the president’s demand, funny enough some are saying that the president is asking for too much considering the back effect on the drivers themselves, Others said DOT’s case should be critically looked into.

Meanwhile the Information Officer Comr. Attamah Martins have released a statement he tagged PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE that conveys the message that the SUG and her executives are still one.


We want to the react on the following

1.     Is the DOT to be blame (do you sense any personal interest motive)?

2.     Is the president being irrational by taking up the decision of the predecessor (past SUG Government) on the shuttle drivers union?

3.    Are the shuttle men worthy to be considered at all following their statement at the meeting on 24/04/17? ...That students should trek...

4.     Is branded Keke Nappep an option (Just in case the issue gets worst)?

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1 comment:

  1. Probe DOT abeg ....presidio, pls just choose 1 either the price or the number of seaters


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